• Artificial Insermination

    The A.I. services include synchronisation of oestrus, breeding of cows/heifers and general dairy farm management to improve the overall performance of the dairy herd
  • Dairy Processing

    In an endeavor to diversify and produce a wide range of dairy products, the Board promotes value addition. In collaboration with other well established institutions from outside Eswatini, the Board is facilitating value addition training for local dairy farmers to attend a Dairy Processing course in those institutions. This is part of the Board’s initiative to promote small scale processing in the industry. The training is programme is practically oriented and provides participants with hands on skills on dairy processing.
  • Goat Milk Production

    The board promotes goat milk production and consumption in the dairy industry
  • Dairy Cattle Purchasing

    Dairy cows are sought in Eswatini and also from outside the country for farmers in all regions.
  • Hay Production

    Local Production

    Due to the scarcity of fodder flow during the dry season, the board produce hay bales for dairy farmers to ensure that feed is available throughout the winter season.
    Produce by the Board
    The board embarked on a balling programme in which suitable balling sites belonging to farmers were balled to produce hay bales. Hay bales are produced in Lavumisa, KaLanga, Sihhoye, and Mpofu. There bales are then sold to farmers upon request.
    Individual farmers
    Producing hay bales for individual farmers upon reaching certain agreements. Reaching out to the farmers plot and produce hay bales from their own grass.
    Regional deliveries
    Farmers can request delivery of hay bales to their communities if they order a minimum of 50 bales. Farmers are made to pay at the board and the hay bales are delivered to the community at a place of choice.

    Import from outside Eswatini

    Hay bales that are imported from neighbouring countries and then dispatched to two centers, Malkerns and Eswatini Cotton Board in Big Bend.
  • Business Plan Preparation

    Preparing of business plans for starting/expanding existing dairy cattle enterprises. In an effort to assist farmers start and grow their businesses, the board assist dairy stakeholders in the development of bankable business plans for both planning and accessing financial services purposes.
  • Indegenous Cattle Dairying

    Stimulating local milk production and dairy farming at grass root level the Board support the Indigenous dairying initiative to encourage farmers to venture into dairy farming as an enterprise.