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Proposal for levy Review on Dairy Products.

As a regulatory and development body of the dairy industry, Eswatini Dairy...


Eswatini Dairy Industry Strategy 2020-2024.

There is not a shadow of a doubt that milk is filled with essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates...


Suspension of Proposed Import Levy Review on Dairy Products.

This update refers to the letter dated 25th February 2020, in which an import levy review...


Milk Collection Centre Concept.

Dairy production remains a vital livelihood option, providing an important source of nutrients...


Guidelines for Application and Evaluation Criteria for Leasing of Government Farms

Government owns and operate farms for varied agricultural activities in the country. It is government policy to...


Eswatini Liquid Nitrogen Plant

The Eswatini Dairy Board produces liquid nitrogen at Masundvwini liquid nitrogen plant to supply the dairy industry and relevant stakeholders.


Legal notice No.211 of 2021 - Dairy Regulations.

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 32 of the Dairy Act, 1968, the Minister for Agriculture makes the following Regulations...


FMD Outbreak in South Africa Follow up Report

South Africa had a Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) free zone without vaccination prior to January 2019...



  • Dairy Processing

    An endeavor to diversify and produce a wide range of dairy more
  • Goat Milk Production

    The board promotes goat milk production and consumption in the dairy more
  • Dairy Cattle Purchasing

    Dairy are bought from the Republic of South Africa into the country for farmers in all more
  • Quality Control

    Regulatory function through working with processors, retailers, distributors and producers of milk and dairy more
  • Hay Production

    To address the challenges of shartage of feed during dry seasons, the produces hay bales for winter more
  • Training and Extension

    Technical advices and dairy husbandry practical services are offered to dairy farmers during specific farm more
  • Business Plan Preparation

    Preparing of business plans for start/expand existing dairy cattle more
  • Permits & Licenses

    The Board may, in accordance with the requirements of the Act, import and export regulations and other laws in the country, issue permits for milk and milk products for import, transit or export. more
  • Imports & Exports

    Before milk and milk products for import or export as food are exported or imported, an import or export permit must have been issued or given for their import or export. more
  • Artificial Insermination(A.I)

    The A.I. services include synchronisation of oestrus, breeding of cows/heifers and general dairy farm management to improve the overall performance of the dairy more